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French Bulldogs   Frenchies   Frogdogs   Bouledogue Francoise   Frogdogs   Frenchies   French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs   Frenchies   Frogdogs   Bouledogue Francoise   Frogdogs   Frenchies   French Bulldogs
The French bulldog can be a very rewarding dog to own, but, as with every breed, you should
take enough time to determine whether it is the right fit for you. This simple step can save you
from disappointment and wasted money, and will save our little friends from becoming a rescue

What is wonderful about a french bulldog?

  • French bulldogs LOVE people!!! The adore you, they adore your neighbor, they adore the
    mailman. You'll hear french bulldog owners complain about loyalty, but truthfully, they
    adore you most.
  • French bulldogs get along with other dogs!! Don't get this wrong, french bulldogs CAN
    be aggressive with other dogs, and they are prey driven. Generally, they are dog social and
    can live with other species, if you make the correct introductions and you are the leader of
    the pack.
  • French bulldogs speak!! They will train you to CLEARLY understand their different barks,
    yawns, snorts, chortles and nose pointing. Some dog breeds do this better than others,
    and frenchies excel. French bulldogs will train you to speak their language at the same
    time you are teaching them new words.
  • French bulldogs smile!! Oh they do indeed, no teeth, just the curling up at the lip when
    they are so happy. It doesn't take much to make them happy. All you have to do is to
    integrate them into your daily calendar so they aren't home alone most of the day.
  • French bulldogs love walks!! They are a moderate energy dog, short walks will satisfy
    them, especially if they can socialize along the way. They won't be your running buddy.
  • French bulldogs can live in apartments!! These dogs don't need tons of space as long as
    you are in it with them enough of the day.
  • French bulldogs are adorable!! Every breed finds a group of people that are attracted to
    them. Some people think frenchies are so ugly they are cute. Those aren't true breed lovers.
    French bulldogs are beautiful, adorable and funny and your eye will be drawn to them in
    a crowd.

French Bulldogs are wonderful to own. BUT they are high maintenance, and have some large
requirements. You should make sure you are ready for all that comes with living with a french

  • This is not an outdoor dog!! This is a Brachycephalic breed, or a short-nosed dog, and
    pants inefficiently. Heat stress can cause the throat to swell, rapidly increasing
    overheating, and restricting airflow into the respiratory system.
  • This dog should not be left in your car!! See above. There has recently been a shocking
    number of french bulldogs that have overheated and died locked in cars. If you cannot
    comfortably stay in the car for a few minutes, your french bulldog will be even less likely.
    If they doesn't convince you, think of your investment. They are a desirable dog, and you
    should not leave your valuable items unprotected.
  • This dog cannot live a life of solitude!! One of the best qualities of a french bulldog is its
    sociable and happy nature. However, this comes with a responsibility to provide him/her
    integration into your daily routine. If you work away all day, and then go out a night,
    this is not the dog for you. Really, you should reconsider owning dog. Enjoy your friends'
    dogs instead until you have a lifestyle change. If you work away from home, consider
    hiring a pet sitter, or take your dog to work. French bulldogs are wonderful dogs to take
    to work.
  • This dog cannot swim!! You should reconsider owning this breed if you have a swimming
    pool. Because of the top heavy frame, chest and head, the french bulldog cannot swim, and
    will quickly drown if they are in water where their feet cannot touch the ground. I have
    owners that take their dogs to the beach, to the lake, allow their dog to lay on the stairs in
    a pool. They are very careful and supervise at all times. Even then, I hold my breath,
    because I know personally of frenchies that have drowned.
  • This dog is hardheaded!! The only way I can describe this is to say that french bulldogs
    have their own logic and reasoning, almost human in a way. This is what makes a
    frenchie so funny and lovable. It also means that you will need to invest time in proper
    training. You will have the cutest puppy in the puppy class. If your lifestyle currently
    doesn't leave the time and patience to train your puppy for the first couple of months, then
    perhaps you should wait until you have that time.
  • This dog can be tough to housebreak!! See the above point. This is a rather general
    statement, and as with humans, puppies have different personalities. Some french bulldogs
    are very clean and learn more quickly than others. French bulldogs can be stubborn, and
    also drink lots of water. They often use their smart logic to justify using the bathroom in
    the house. Patient training is the key to overcoming this problem.
  • This dog does not do well with negative training!! I am a firm believer in positive
    reinforcement training for all dog breeds, but in particular, french bulldogs are very
    sensitive to negative training, choke collars, yelling or, god forbid, hitting. They adore
    you, and they don't tend to understand harsh methods. You'll have a much quicker track
    to your training goals by clearly showing them what you wish them to understand. If
    you watch "The Dog Whisperer", perhaps you remember the show where Cesar Milan
    takes 4 wild french bulldogs,  and quickly gets them under control. It was eerie how
    quickly they understood what he had to say.
  • This dog needs high-quality food!! The french bulldog is prone to allergies, which could be
    seasonal and might be simply foot licking, or could show up as hot spots. A high-quality
    food, food without corn or wheat, will help prevent allergy symptoms.
  • This dog is not easy to whelp!! If you are purchasing a french bulldog with the intent to
    get your money back by breeding her, think twice about "investing" in a frenchie. French
    bulldogs must have C-sections to whelp their puppies. The have small litters. You are on
    pins and needles trying to pick the right time to deliver the puppies, too early and their
    lungs aren't developed. Too late, and a puppy will die in the birth canal, or the placenta
    will separate and you'll lose all the puppies and possibly the mother. There is so much
    more I could scare you with....
  • Dogs are expensive!! This breed can be prone to stenotic nares, elongated soft palates,
    degenerative disc disease, among other things. All dogs are expensive now days, both
    preventive and emergency care. You should consider dog insurance, but also make sure
    that you are in a good position to care for you dog in any situation. Not being able to
    take care of a problem will give you true heartbreak.

French bulldogs love people. They are funny. They talk to you in all different  ways. I adore the
unique bark of each and every one of my dogs. They have different ways of showing love; they
might snort and chortle in your ear, or yawn and use their ears. They look at you with adoring
eyes, and would love to sleep in your bed and follow you to work. Are you a french bulldog
owner for life?
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